Stefania & Marco – Wedding
06/09/2014 – Villa San Secondo – Asti


Infusion of mint and travel stories have made magical the meeting with Marco and Stefania, in a Turin bar finally I meet this wonderful couple with whom I have the pleasure to share my passion for backpacking trips, the hours pass and we’re talking breathlessly lije if we met all along …. Happy to follow them in one of the most important journeys of life on September 6th, I am welcomed by Marco in Stefania’s country house; breakfast with family and friends from all over the world makes the atmosphere charged of serenity. After a quick freshen up Marco, with the help of his mother, is ready for the spectacular donning. Among the gleam of medals and cutlass I am photographing the preparation of an Air Force Captain who, in full uniform, is ready for his beloved Stefania. I greet him with a warm handshake and reach the bride.
Here I am in Mombarone at “La Violina” estate. Stefania’s just arrived with her parents and best friend, she proves to be very quiet and this makes me feel at home; after hanging and showing her beautiful dress, she’s ready for a DIY make-up and, by virtue of his being so simple and unique, makes her dearest friend and her sweet mom even more beautiful also doing them makeup. Between words and smiles Stefania is ready to wear her romantic dress with lace and reach her beloved Marco at the altar. I’m back from the future husband, this time in front of the church in Villa San Secondo. Marco, among colleagues and relatives began to be full of emotion and walks down the aisle accompanied by his mother and is finally ready to see his Stefania at the altar. Arm in arm with his dad, with a beaming smile she’s coming, the bride! Marco, with eyes full of love looks her getting closer and finally she reaches him, he departs the veil and observes her in all her splendor …
The ceremony was made even more exciting by Stefania’s dad who, for the occasion so special , wears the role of deacon giving smiles and tears of joy to all invitees. After so much emotion, Marco and Stefania exchanged their promises of love thus becoming husband and wife! The time now for a triumphant exit with guard of honor and the way to “La Violina” where among banquets and toasts is spended an evening of fun. Spectacular! It was a marriage that fully expressed my desire to give back emotions that are given to me in the most important day in the life of any couple in love. Thank you very heartily and best wishes!