Martina & Daniele – Wedding
04/07/2015 – Cereseto – Alessandria


An enthusiastic young couple, it’s a real honor to accompany them in their most important day, the day they will remember for a lifetime. We start early even in this case … Early in the morning I’m at Daniele’s house and I find him very comfortable and at ease in the guise of protagonist. Let’s start with a soft breakfast on the roof terrace in front of the beautiful Cereseto’s Castle before moving to his preparation. Jacket and pants are hanging in the bedroom, cufflinks, tie and shoes will complement the beautiful dress and in a snap he’s ready for his beloved. Now it’s time to get to Martina that awaits me in a famous salon of the area for hairdressing. Here I find the bride already “under the knife” of Hairdresser intent to create a work that further enhances the beautiful Martina. It’s the hottest day of summer 2015, and 42 °C in the shade are planned from the morning; I almost melt, it gasp, and it gets really hard to stay focused. Apart from this, Martina with maximum tranquility coiffed to perfection reaches the home of his parents in Ponzano just below the Sacro Monte di Crea, a wonderful place where you hope to find a bit ‘of refreshment from the summer heat. Here too we find just the heat of this summer day, Martina decides to makeup outside on the terrace which fortunately is partially shaded. Ok she’s ready for dressing, Martina is sweating but I’m not sure it’s all because of emotion … To help her there are his sister Chiara, her two cousins Ambra and Federica, her aunt Laura and her friend Maila who, under the watchful eyes of parents, bring to fruition this arduous task ☺. The time to make some memories shooting outdoors and here we are all ready to get to Daniele who awaits the first guests in the churchyard of Cereseto church ..The atmosphere becomes incandescent in the true sense of the word, the Wedding ceremony will start shortly and the guests begin to take place inside the church … Martina, the bride, comes shortly after Daniele, accompanied by her mother. In the brief moments before the actual wedding, there is time to capture the bridesmaids and pageboys preceding Martina and dad for the entrance … The pathos increases and this beautiful couple will soon forever be Husband and Wife .. The ceremony is full of excitement and funny sermons, guests are not bored at all, and the decorations are the icing on the cake for the fantastic event … Here we are, following the exchange of the rings, the newlyweds swear before God their eternal love and are ready to begin the celebrations along with everyone present. Finally we can reach the estate that will host the buffet, “Tenuta del Sole” and I would say that the name on a day like this is more than ever guessed… But not before have taken some pictures in a field of sunflowers, chosen as the location of the personal shooting of Martina and Daniele. The choice is incredibly apt because, although the heat has by now become unbearable, we can have exciting and unique shots.
The celebrations on the estate are amazing, the wine and sparkling wine further raise the degrees of the thermometer, and there could be no better end of the dip in the pool of all participants, including myself 😉 …
Thanks Martina and Daniele for your hospitality and best wishes for your new life together.