Alessandra & Davide – Wedding
11/06/2016 – Conzano – Alessandra


Here we are on home ground… this time is the wedding of Alessandra and my brother. Maximum relax you will say, but no… that’s the moment when you just can’t fail and it feels like shooting your own wedding. I wanted to make a good impression at all costs and I sacrificed the celebrations by giving priority to work and photography. The day is beautiful; Davide gets ready at home in Casale Monferrato , while Alessandra makes herself fabulous at “G & B hairstyles” and dresses up at her parents’ house. Everything is made with attention to the smallest details: from the clothes to the flower decoration. The location chosen for the ceremony is a beautiful restaurant with pool on the hills of Monferrato. Here the gathering will take place. In less than no time we are in Conzano. In the square in front of the Town Hall, guests start showing up. Little by little, everybody is there, including Davide and Alessandra. Together, they enter the cozy courtyard of Villa Vidua. Violins and cellos play; everybody gets emotional. The photographic opportunities are incredible. I know almost all the guests and many of them are close friends, starting from the master of ceremony: that great person of my close friend Skoppio. Everything goes as expected: my brother is officially a married man. He is ready to celebrate with Alessandra, our friends and the relatives at Cascina Faletta… but not before a little shooting tailored for them. It will remind their intimacy forever. The evening goes by very softly, until high-quality Cuban rum and cigars pop up. Peace gives the floor to wild dancing. Best wishes for a happy life together.

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