Carole & Christian – Wedding – 10/09/2016 –  Cioccaro di Penango – Asti


Grapes are ripe already, the sky is marvelously blue and the Monferrato is glad to receive the wonderful wedding of Carole and Christian. I am truly excited about the location they chose, “Relais Sant’Uffizio”, a gem of beauty nestled in the Monferrato’s hills, a place that I know like the back of my hands. I can still remember how warmly these guys received us. I did not feel as I was about to work, I felt as I just got home. You were always helpful and relaxed, so willing to finally enjoy your party. I felt as we were dear old friends since childhood. I had the chance to work at my best in a super cool and peaceful surroundings. We began with a delicious poolside lunch, followed by a tour of the sumptuous rooms reserved to Carole and Christian. There’s no need to say that elegance is not just a point of view with them: you can literally breath it and see it in every step they take, in the flowers and outfits they chose, in the grace of the rings and the shoes… even their glances release elegance. It has been a pleasure preparing your shooting. I could let my creativity run free and realise the perfect work for you two, beautiful souls. The Ceremony has been deeply moving and engaging and you pledged eternal love to each other in an idyllic atmosphere. To be honest, tears fell down on my cheeks as well. Here you are, ready to receive greetings and congratulations from relatives and friends. Aperitif and bouquet toss took place just before the shooting of this lovely couple, during the so called “blue hour”, the short time before the warm sunset of Monferrato. Fruitful vineyards and nature as special soundtrack offered us the gorgeous frame for our shoots, made perfect thanks to the elegance that, as I said, belongs to you. The fairly sunset lights illuminated vineyards, eyes and smiling faces, before leading to the evening party with an unforgettable royal dinner and entertaining dancing all night long at Relais Sant’Uffizio. Your special day couldn’t end up in a better way… My best wishes, dear friends.

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