Lina Maria & Tsvetelin – Wedding – 09/09/2017 – Cioccaro di Penango – Asti

It was a misty morning. The sky was grey covered by menacing black clouds and a cold breeze was constantly blowing. The weather doesn’t seem to be fair with us.At least until I reached Relais Sant’Uffizio, Suite number 40. A warm welcome was waiting for me with Lina and Tsvetelin, two lovely guys from Switzerland and their families. They have roots in Colombia and Bulgaria, completely different countries both incredibly fashinating. Their families came to Monferrato from all over the world to celebrate the most aimed dream of their lives: the wedding. I am deeply proud they chose the Monferrato hills for such an important event and most of all because they chose me to tell this lovely story through my photography. The entire ceremony took place between the gorgeous rooms of the Relais Sant’Uffizio, so we completely forgot about the bad weather outside. Everyone was extremely relaxed, included our beloved. The preparation has been smooth as silk, some friends were performing choreography they were supposed to show later during the evening party, while others were helping Lina and Tsvetelin to get dressed and prepared for the celebration. Honestly it has been incredible to see such different cultures getting along together so well, both so welcoming and fancy. The ceremony was intimate and fulfilled with moving and heartwarming moments. Lots of friends and relatives did the best they could to show up their love for the guys. The elegant decorations adorned one of the most beautiful wedding of the season. I definitely have to mention the author of such a great project: “Il Fior Fiore” of Rilate Verde. At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds came out in a rose petals cascade embraced by happiness and feasting spirit. Now they actually were married and that was the beginning of their new life together. What a nice feeling. For their couple shooting, we originally chose the vineyard expanses of the Monferrato hills. Unfortunately, the rain was not giving us even a short break. But we decided not to give up, so we took some umbrellas and faced the cold hostile weather. The reasults, I reckon, is something truly intimate and personal. After that, Lina and Tsvetelin were finally ready to enjoy their party. The sumptuous dinner, South African dancing and the warmth of their guests turned the evening into a magical unforgettable event. Thank you so much for this fantastic experience. I wish you to accomplish everything you desire and all the best for your lives.

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