Lorenza & Giorgio – 19th May 2018 – Wedding at “Ca’ Vittoria” – Asti

So many feelings together surrounded this gorgeous wedding at Ca’ Vittoria. I will never forget it, that’s for sure. Our beloved Lorenza and Giorgio, they will always have a special place into my heart, particularly for their innumerable virtues. I’ll have this indelible memory all life long with me because for the very first time in my entire career I risked to forfeit. The previous day I had to contact them : I had plaques in my throat, my temperature was 39.5 degrees, I was seriously ill. Nevertheless, these two lovely guys told me not to worry about that, just to try to recover and to do as I could. This has been the kindest reaction to such a delicate situation, I know what it means to organise a wedding to the last detail and how frustrating it is to receive such a bad news just the day before the celebration.  I genuinely love you guys! Your wedding was truly important to me, it isn’t that common to find such a perfect organisation in every single aspect of the event. That’s why I would have done everything I could to be there, I’ve been waiting this day since long time. I warned all my colleagues from ANFM about my health condition, in order to guarantee that someone could take my place, in case my illness was going to get worst, or at least to find someone who could help me if I wasn’t at the top of my shape. Their support has been amazing and one of my dearest colleague and friend propose to help me. But I realised I couldn’t miss that day. So I took antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, lactic enzymes, turmeric, ginger root… you name it. Miraculously I nailed it! Anna, my lovely partner, and a “nurse version” of the great Matteo Pettenuzzo actually gave my a huge help with my recovery. I will never be enough grateful to them.  Our guys, Lorenza and Giorgio, are truly special people. They made us meet Valentina, owner with her husband Massimiliano of “Ca’ Vittoria”, the fabulous restaurant and hotel where the celebration would have take place.  Our charming couple has been living in London for 10 years and they chose our country for their wedding. They visited me at my place and from the very beginning there was a pleasant chemistry between us. I met their families as well, such graceful and sophisticated people. That’s why I couldn’t miss this ceremony, every single aspect of it was just so magical and perfect. The wedding has been an amazingly successful event. Immediately I realised I would have published this reportage. Asti is one of that brand-new town, you will always find something unknown to discover. Its cultural and architectural heritage is really impressive. For their special day, our couple chose the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral, a mystic and majestic place where everybody would dream to celebrate their wedding. Nevertheless, you can rest assured you’ll have fancy and impressive photographs there.  Monferrato country has been the perfect scenario for this special day, it’s actually always a guarantee with its breathtaking landscapes. And when you get closer to the Langhe country it turns even more mysterious and intriguing. Hills become steeper and hazelnut trees replace vineyards: it offers a stunning view at every single glance.  Last but not least, I would tell you something about “Ca’ Vittoria”, a lovely treat of our Monferrato. Here Valentina and Massimiliano, star chef, run and spread their unconditional passion for both superb cuisine and warm hospitality, that they love to offer to everybody intend even just to rest a while in this little corner of Eden. This incredible location welcomed Lorenza and Giorgio and all their guests from all over Europe in a marvelous ambiance, perfect and well-finished in every single detail.  If you intend to get married, you should definitely take a peek at “Ca’ Vittoria”. You will be cuddled and embraced by their cosy hospitality, persuaded by their accurate preparation and finally conquered by the haute cuisine they propose. You’re the best, congratulations guys.

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