What about Sara and Michele, they are among the most beautiful couples I have ever photographed … in addition to the exterior beauty are two golden boys and have organized, in detail, a real party for all friends and guests. Before talking to you about the wedding, however, I have to make a small premise, during one of our first appointments with Sara and Michele to see Villa Pattono, what would later become their wonderful location, Sara asked me to accompany her to Asti who had to go to the hairdresser for the hairdressing test. I said: “but of course, more than willingly” and that’s how we collided with a car that didn’t respect a stop sign and involved us in a bad frontal accident. I don’t want to tell you the details but my car was demolished because it was too badly damaged, while Sara and I found ourselves in the hospital in Asti lying on two stretchers with collars. This was such a strong episode that it tied me in a particular way to these formidable boys. But now let’s talk about nice things, and then the wedding day… It’s a very hot day at the end of June, I still remember the strong emotions I felt that day in the small church of Costigliole d’Asti dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto, protector of aviators. Monferrato and its soft hills provided an enchanting setting throughout the day, from the preparations to the ceremony, from the couple shooting to the wild dances in the evening and the involvement of friends, family and guests was incredible.  The day begins with a Michele’s run with his dearest friends, a way to ease the tension and to fully integrate with the territory, Monferrato offers truly unique scenery and the run loads you up for a day to remember. The preparation of the groom takes place at his parents’ house where a frugal lunch of pasta with tomato and zucchini in carpione, waits for Michele, his brother, two sisters and all friends while the preparation of Sara including makeup and hairstyle is carried out at Villa Pattono in the company of family and close friends. The charming residence in the heart of Monferrato gives princely sensations, the suite available to the bride and groom is located on a tower overlooking the hills where the view is 360 degrees over the Langhe and Monferrato.  In front of the church Michele arrives in a wasp with all his friends and emotions start to get stronger and stronger waiting for the beautiful Sara who, accompanied by her father, makes her triumphant entrance on the adjacent square with a beautiful dark blue Porche. During the Ceremony the heat becomes almost unbearable, but you want the pathos and emotional cries, in no time Sara and Michele exchange rings and are indissolubly united in marriage.  The party continues in Location, for the photos dedicated to the bride and groom, what I call “Couple’s Shooting”, we are spoilt for choice and we dive into vineyards and hazelnut groves to make the shots that will remain forever in the prints and memories of the bride and groom. To report the great performance of DJ and friend Alessandro Perricone who, with the remix of “Ragazzina Napoletana” by Gigi Finizio, encouraged the festive crowd… I’ll never forget it.


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