Destination Wedding: Calabria

You can't talk about Destination Wedding without talking about Calabria, a region too often forgotten by normal tourist flows and remembered only because of the problems that afflict it.

Express yourselves! You could win your marriage photo shoot at half price!

EXPRESS YOURSELVES! YOU COULD WIN YOUR MARRIAGE PHOTO SHOOT AT HALF PRICE! I’m ready, what about you? It has been a while since I first had this idea rolling in

Love Photo Experience – A personal adventure you can’t miss

LOVE PHOTO EXPERIENCE – A personal adventure you can’t miss In this very short paper I would like to illustrate my vision of the LOVE PHOTO EXPERIENCE projectand how I

Wedding Photography, budget

I have a suggestion for all the couples who are organizing their special day: set a budget for the photographer too and put it among the most important elements to consider, not the last thing!

Love Session Photography

The goal of the Photography Love Session is to catch that passion in the casual but perfect situations. It could be the engagement proposal, that trip spent together... But not only special events: it could be also those little every-day situations.

How do you become a professional wedding photographer

The professional growth that leads to becoming a wedding photographer is always unique for each one of us, still, there is always some kind of sparkle...

How to choose the right wedding photographer

When organizing a marriage it is easy to fall into an organization's anxiety. Here are some tips on how to choose the right photographer for the most beautiful day of your life.

The reason I chose to be a professional photographer in Asti.

When I shoot Asti I always look for that real life mosaic that hides beneath the surface of the image itself. The one I always made it back for.

Destination Wedding: Montferrat

Why get married in the Montferrat? Historical villas and castle settled among the vines in the hills in Italy’s countryside. People come here to taste the bonet, and they come back to get married.

What it means to do Reportage Photography

Reportage Photography, also known as Documentary Photography, is more than a style, or a set of techniques, and it is actually much closer to storytelling.

Destination Wedding Chapter I: Apulia

Couples from all over the world, after visiting our historical towns, our landscapes and our beaches, they decide that the most beautiful day of their lives has to happen here, in Italy.

Why I chose the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Every professional photographer has his own way of framing and shooting. Here are the reasons why I chose the Canon EOS 5D Mark III.