Sara & Josh – Wedding – 14/06/2014 – Bistagno – Alessandria

When Pennsylvania meets the heart of Piedmont, when two very different cultures meet in love ... today we celebrate Sarah and Josh, two guys with a big heart that crown their dream by joining in marriage to face life together.

Daisy & Domenico – Wedding – 07/06/2014 – Mombarone – Asti

Here we are again in full wedding season, I couldn’t wait ... Daisy and Domenico are two wonderful guys, begin my photographic season with them has been an honor and a great pleasure.

Gaia – The First Birthday – 05/12/2013

Love of my life ... Today you fulfill a year, and time seems to fly. Your mother Anna, my life partner, and I decided to celebrate your first birthday with grandparents and uncles so that you can enjoy to the fullest and feel all the heat possible from this wonderful family ...

Gaia – Queen for a Day – 10/11/2013 – Moncalvo

Again Anna and I, my partner in life, left early in the morning and decided to follow the little Gaia, which among other things "is our daughter," in all this fantastic day, from waking up until the last minute of the receiving..

Giulia & Daniele – Wedding – 15/06/2013 – Santa Maria di Moncalvo – Asti

Marriage based on smiles, young and youthful people, that with the involvement of the mythical Giulia and Daniele have transformed a simple summer day in a beautiful wedding that will be remembered forever.

Tribute to North India – 08/08/2011

India, a contrasting country where fast economic and cultural development is contrasted with outstanding gaps,to the ancient traditions of this incredible land.