Sara & Josh – Wedding
14/06/2014 – Bistagno – Alessandria


When Pennsylvania meets the heart of Piedmont, when two very different cultures meet in love … today we celebrate Sarah and Josh, two guys with a big heart that crown their dream by joining in marriage to face life together. The frame is that of Bistagno and of the beautiful and hilly landscape that surrounds us … to the slopes of the Ligurian Apennines, a place where grapes and wines find fertile ground for the birth, growth and development … This is exactly what pushed Josh to reach these zones from the States to pursue his passion for wine as Sommelier and his one true love, Sarah, who with charm and security that distinguish her, has charmed and persuaded him to stay in these wonderful lands. I arrived very early in Bistagno to follow the various stages of preparation of both … Josh is preparing with all his family, just arrived from Pennsylvania, at a local farm holiday “Villa Caffarelli”, very discreet and that fully reflects the rural and charming hospitality of Bistagno. Waiting for breakfast there are his brother Zac with his mother, dad, grandma and the whole family in perfect style USA. Josh’s preparation has something magical, he does not see his family for some time and on this occasion come together to accompany him to the great step. I am very at ease and can breathe the pathos of the moment … in less than no time Josh and everyone else is dressed to perfection to face together this fantastic day. It’s time to reach Sara for makeup and hair, she’s waiting for me in the beauty salon of her confidence. Upon arriving I immediately notice that Sarah won’t be alone, but rather there will be her two best friends that will support her already from the preparation, then be her wedding witnesses, and end the day in wild celebrations. While Sara is almost ready, also her mother comes for the last refinements that will make both gorgeous for the wedding. Ok, it’s about 12:30 and the time has come to reach Sarah’s home where, after a small snack, will wear the princely dress she has always dreamed of and to be beautiful for her Josh. The dress is a current revival of a dress of other times and dressing brings a lot longer than expected but here she is in all her splendor, the dress suits perfectly on her and Sara is radiant.
I reach the church about a half hour before Sarah, Josh and his extremely elegant family are already present and receive the guests showing all their predisposition to welcome. Sarah, accompanied by her father in a shiny vintage car, reaches the Bistagno church right on schedule, and finally we can begin the long-awaited holy mass.
Preceding Sarah and Josh there are 4 beautiful girls, dotting the churchyard and the main aisle of orange and pink flower petals , forming a multicolored corridor that leads to the altar. Josh enters with his beautiful mom and Sarah enters in the company of hervisibly moved dad. The ceremony begins and while the priest is very close to the most intransigent traditions of the Catholic Church, everything takes place in complete silence and respect of roles. The emotions, the tears, the smiles, the hugs and handshakes bring Sarah and Josh to be finally husband and wife.

At the exit from the church, a leaden sky and rain load urges us to hasten the time and quickly climb on the respective cars that will accompany the whole caravan to “Cantine di Fontanafredda”, a magical place that will host the aperitif, dinner and wild dancing. The pouring rain accompanied the whole trip for moving and most of the evening, fortunately this fantastic location has an infernot wine cellar unique in its kind, that will be the local predisposed to the sumptuous appetizer. We arrive a few minutes before the other guests and we have just enough time to take some shots for the personal shooting of the newlyweds. Finally everyone can sit at the table for reception room and all the guests, including Sarah and Josh, can finally let go and celebrate all together until late at night.
What about … Sara and Josh … I wish to share best possible joys and live in happiness throughout your life. I am very happy to have met you and, at least in part, to have spent sthis important moments with you.

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