Ambra & Danilo – Wedding
06/07/2014 – Tonco – Asti


I met Ambra and Danilo few weeks before their wedding, between us, a powerful feeling immediately creates, as it happens a few times in my work. They are two really wonderful guys, in love and full of desire to live together … among other things they have a fabulous kid named Aaron, and will be an integral part of their union. I get home by Danilo’s at approximately 06:00 am and to welcome me i find the whole family with eyes still creased from the night, they prepared a sumptuous breakfast that are preparing to eat, the atmosphere is very jovial and there is an air of calm and really enjoyable complicity. Danilo’s brother, famous hairdresser in the area will take care of hairdressing, while the mother will help him in the dressing … After a kitted out in the bathroom, hair and dressing, here’s Danilo ready and radiant in his spectacular dress, ready to meet his beloved Ambra. After a displacement of a few minutes I reach Ambra in Tonco, town in Monferrato Astigiano which will host the fabulous wedding, she is also very excited because she’ll be the queen of the day. She’s already under the hands of the hairdresser who is doing his work before the eyes of all his family, it takes five minutes for Ambra for not notice my presence anymore , I always try to put all the people I photograph at ease, in order to grasp the best expressions and the most real emotions. With Ambra that’s really easy, she’s a beautiful girl and, above all, a genuine person. I follow all the makeup, hairdressing and donning, stages that will transform Ambra into a real princess for her Danilo. There is also time for a super bunch of red roses sent by her future husband, who upon their arrival make her really excited ..even here the atmosphere is unique, it seems to work for old friends, it’s so beautiful and simple .. Wow …. About 20 minutes before the arrival of Ambra, I reach Danilo in front of Tonco church, the excitement really begins to rise but he seems to be completely at ease, all the guests gradually fill the benches beginning with those in the front, in order to be at the forefront of the “show”. Here we are, Ambra shows up on a dream car, to welcome Danilo who light up his eyes of love … now everyone may enter, Danilo with his mother, bridesmaids and closing there’s Ambra with Dad and son Aaron. The ceremony can really begin, Ambra and Danilo are surrounded by witnesses and their families as a big hug, transmitting them all the security they need. The ceremony flows between emotions and tears, Ambra and Danilo become husband and wife as they have always wanted, and now, finally, they can begin the dance. I still want to capture unique images for Ambra and Danilo, so we reach Moncalvo for the shooting and we are also fortunate in finding the arcades of this wonderful city prepared for the antiques market. We decide together with that this will be the place that will host the personal shots of the newlyweds, only images that accompany them forever will emerge . We move to the Murisengo “Regina” restaurant where the newlyweds and the whole crew will give life to festivities, jokes and wild dances. Wonderful! I was welcomed both by Ambra’s that Danilo’s families like a son or a brother, two exemplary families who have given me all their availability and generosity, allowing me to do my best to make their day unforgettable. Thank you very very much! That’s why I love my job … Guys wishes for everything and I hope to relive similar adventures together;-)