Carlo – The Prince “Carlo”
21/09/2014 – Grana – Asti


Familiar faces, friends for a life as well as lovely people… Lisa & Marco, in this beautiful day of September, have decided to celebrate the Baptism of their firstborn Carlo and as they had done for their marriage , they wanted me to tell this day with my images. I’m flattered for their decision and I’ll do everything ’cause their memory remains indelibly in the years.. I arrive at their home about an hour before the ceremony to capture the little Carlo in the phases of dressing, he’s a great kid, always smiling and full of energy … it’s a real pleasure to photograph him.
Time to freshen up and wear the dress of the party and we find ourselves in the Grana church, a small town in Monferrato Astigiano, where there are all the relatives and the priest already waiting for us. The Ceremony, although very concise, is full of emotions; the little Carlo falls asleep in the while and wakes up only in the climax of Baptism when the priest pours water on his head. Some screams and a bit of laments cheer the excited relatives, but what matters most is that Carlo is a new member of the Christian community of his town. The nearby home of the family welcomes the festivities and buffet prepared by Carlo’s grandmothers and aunts. Carlo is playing and having fun with other children, moving from arms to arms of relatives who are celebrating him like a prince.
Happy Birthday Carlo, may these pictures accompany you throughout your life with a wonderful memory of your baptism.