Michela & Manuele – Love Session – 25/11/2017 – Pavia

I’ve met Michela and Manuele at Marzia’s wedding, Michela’s sister. As I first saw them, I realised they were the perfect couple for the concept I had on my mind. In a few while, I’ll launch my brand new project. It will tell about love at 360 degrees, any shape or shade of it and it will be for everyone… Follow me, I promise it’s going to be fun. But now we’re here to talk about them, Michela and Manuele. Gorgeous people, from the inside to the outside. While I was working with them, I thought that the more I looked at them, the more I wished I could take more pictures of them. And trust me, it’s not the way it usually works. But this time it was different. There was this special, perfect ambiance, an harmonious feeling between us and the surrounding fog outside. I actually love when it’s foggy, it gives me a sense of cosy warmth, just like a huge hug that embraces everything and everybody. I know not everyone would agree with me about the grey, cold fog, but shooting in that kind of atmosphere makes me feel comfortable and it gives me the right inspiration to celebrate true love through photography. I made my way to Pavia, the place they live. And, yeah, I also remember pretty well my delay due to poor view beacuse of the fog. So, we had very few day-light hours left to discover and tell their daily routine and I swear, it has not been easy at all. As soon as I reached the house, I found both of them beautiful as ever, even a bit nervous, or well, excited for the up-coming shooting session focused on them. As we sat in the living room, I started to explain what was flowing in my mind, what I intended to tell: their real, intimate life, nothing more, nothing less. I guess genuine reportage is definitely my thing. Since the very beginning, there was this special harmony between us that made it so easy to reach something truly extraordinary. I told them more than once they should seriously consider an acting career, as I saw how easily they got used to the camera and handled this new experience. My purpose was to tell their typical day, from dawn to dusk, trying to obtain real-life pictures. I wanted my photos to portray the deep love they found and my aim was to communicate something truly exceptional. So let’s see if I made it. Guys, you’ve been awesome. I would never stop to say thank you. And, no need to tell, I would photograph you other million times.

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