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Some pieces of my story


My story with photography started when I was a little kid who got a SUPERCOLOR 600 POLAROID as gift. That’s when I moved my first steps into this mesmerized world. How magical it was to instantly have through my fingers those pictures I just shoot. It made me so excited. Unfortunately, I couldn’t adequately cultivate and study this fabulous art until I was 25. When you’re young it’s not easy to focus on which is the right path to follow to reach your dream. Plus, it was actually a pretty expensive passion I wasn’t able to afford that time.

Then after great sacrifices, I finally succeed to buy my first digital camera. It was a CANON EOS 400D, my favourite mate during trips and adventures around the world. Our passionate love story ended up in 2011 when, with great regret, I had to let it go. My new flame was a CANON EOS 5D MARK II, an extraordinary reflex equipped with unique and enviable features. Nowadays I keep on using Canon, I’m literally in love with these cameras. Currently I work with a Canon 5D Mark IV, a super professional model with very high quality optical.

My learning process to become the professional I am now can be easily resumed: I am a self-taught guy. In 2010 I attended a course for beginners held by the PH LIBERO school of photography, based in Turin. Despite that, to be honest, everything I know about photography comes from accurate and passionate personal studies. I read heaps of manuals and books, searched lots of informations online and nonetheless, field training has been fundamental.

2010 has definitely been a satisfying year for me. First, I won the “Un Gesto d’Amore” (Wave of Love) contest, organised by the L.I.S.M. (Lega Italiana Sclerosi Multipla –  Italian Multiple Sclerosis Alliance). My works were exposed at the PhotoShow held in Rome that year.

Secondly, I published my first photographic book called “WANDERING FOR MALAYSIA AND SINGAPORE”. I did accurate researches and devoted studies about these places’ cultures, landscapes and people: everything I learned is in my book. It has been an unforgettable journey that let me connect with people living in those magical and amazing lands.

After the trip I have been dreaming about and planning for ages to the land that was calling me since I can remember -my beloved and mystic India- my collection “VARANASI-ONE DAY ON THE GANGES” has been nominated as finalist in “New Talent” section of the prestigious international contest “THE TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2011”.

That same year I won an award as well as a nominee for the international photographic contest “BLACK AND WHITE SPIDER AWARDS”, “Silhouette Section”, focused on black and white photography.

In 2012 I ranked second in “CULTURE E IDENTITÀ” (Cultures and Identities) photographic contest, organised by the city of Treviglio. My reportage illustrated the very close connection between humankind and ground. I’ve been awarded by an audience of masters with my great satisfaction.

In 2015 I joined ANFM (Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Matrimonialisti – Marriage Photographers National Association) which gathers the best marriage photographers of Italy. Since then I totally dedicate my work to weddings and couples as well. Now I can proudly say I have many clients from all over the world.

I’ve always loved to discover life stories and intimacy of people because I reckon it’s the only way to faithfully photograph them lately. With this in mind, the encounter with Ivan Troyanosky, an amazing Russian photographer, literally opened my eyes on how any professional should deal with the art of photography.

That has been the starting point for the LOVE PHOTO EXPERIENCE project in association with a awesome colleague, Rebecca Rinaldi. Our aim is to welcome couples and families from all over the world who are willing to try a new authentic experience with photography.

Peculiarity of this new adventure is the approach of both parts to the photoshoot: we (the photographers) and them (whoever wants to “be showed”) are going to live in symbiosis, spending as much time together as necessary in order to reach the perfect connection.

We want to find a deep empathy and a special intimacy: as I said, that’s the key to create a unique and incomparable love story memory. Only if you reach your subjects’ souls, you can get the best shoot ever. You’ll capture something special that otherwise is not even possible to think.

Recently I came back to travel photography as well. I organise workshops roaming around the world. This also has been one of my deepest dream since forever and finally on February 2018 it came true. I was designated Master of the mystic and unforgettable trip called “Ganga River”. I had the opportunity to teach reportage photography in India, following the Holy River from its springs to Varanasi, the holiest of the sacred cities for Hinduism. This project saw the light thanks to the special and precious partnership with Mark and Stefania of

This concept had a prodigious impact in its field, because it was the first travel photography workshop where actually all participants lived 24 hours par day with their Master and Tour Leader. A full immersion experience indeed! It was my very first time, but I have to admit the role of “photography expert” fit me just perfectly.

We had the chance to discover and photograph different cultures closely and silently, avoiding bothering anyone. I guess this is the aim of any reporter. Equally, it has been extremely satisfying for me to be able to share a little bit of my knowledge and personal experience with those who want to approach reportage photography or even just learn how to get special shoots while travelling the world.

People are my favourite subject. It is fundamental to establish a very strong connection with who is standing in front of you. First of all, your subject has to give you his permission, accept your being and trust you. It is a bit like he has to open the door of his inner self and let you step inside. That’s the secret to get the perfect shoot. I reckon this is the treasure and privilege of my job, even though at the same time brings with it a huge responsibility.

Any kind of moment or situation you are going to photograph will have an intense impact on the observant. It’s a glint of reality seen through my eyes. In this sense, I reckon cameras are extraordinary devices and I feel a growing need to use them in favour of the weakest.

What can I say more? Well, I just turned 40, but I feel as a 20 years old kid. I’m really lucky to have an amazing family I am super proud of. My beloved partner, Anna, supports me, my ideas and projects no matter what. She often helps me to solve issues or doubts and with her advices, results are always absolutely spectacular. We’ve got two gorgeous kids who are all my life, Gaia, who’s 6 and Elia who’s 2.
I chose to be vegetarian and I’m an hardener sportsman. I am a keen runner and I love biking. I play football and recently I found out a new passion: barefooting.
Everything I have been telling you about until here happens in my favourite scenario, the Monferrato lands, an authentic Eden in the middle of Piedmont.

Well, here is who I am. Now it’s your turn, I can’t wait to hear your stories!

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