Photographic workshop – Northern Vietnam ethnic groups – May 2020

Photographic tour in northern vietnam among the most extraordinary ethnic groups of this beautiful country. From 05th to 18th may.

Photographic Workshop – Holi festival and the spirituality of Varanasi – March 2020

Photographic journey in India among the colors of holi and the spirituality of Varanasi.

Photographic workshop – street photography reportage – November 2019 – Naples

A photographic workshop around the real naples november, 11th - 13th  2019. With Riccardo Cornaglia, photographer. Tour leaders Paola Maria Traspedini (Moncalvo) and Francesco Riccio (Naples).

Photographic Workshop – Northern Vietnam ethnic groups

Photographic tour in northern vietnam among the most extraordinary ethnic groups of this beautiful country from 17th to 30th september 2019. Logistics - Vactours (Hanoi) with the photographer Riccardo Cornaglia and Paola Maria Traspedini as tour leader.

Ganga River Workshop – 2nd Part Varanasi – 10/02/2018

Varanasi is the last stop of our journey, but it would deserve an entire chapter of our story. It is the end and the begin of everything, Varanasi is ancient and nowadays India. Everything since anytime in one unique town. It's mysticism and spiritual energy. Many unexplainable things for us are part of the Hindus spiritual everyday life. Every breath and step, I felt I was raising more and more. I was surprised, moved and enchanted, I felt in love with this eclectic city.

Ganga River Workshop – 1st PART – 10/02/2018

My first trip to India has been in 2011 and since then I've never stopped dreaming to come back to that magical land. Mother India taught me so much and somehow that journey gave me the bravery to become professional. Since then I've always felt a sort of recall from India, I knew I had a mission to accomplish there.
One day I finally managed to combine photography and travel. In fact, this year on February I hit the road with some of my closer friends. Our aim was to show the powerful spirituality you can breath there and I hope I managed to capture it through my works.

Photography Workshop – “La Madre Ganga”

The Photography Workshop “La Madre Ganga” will take place from Feb 1 to Feb 12, 2018, and I will play the role of the teacher. Here is the detailed program of the workshop in photography.

One day on the Gange – 28/08/2011

In Varanasi, the impetuous current of Ganga Mother welcomes me, carrying eternally Life and Death, and that draws us amiably within ourselves...