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Some pieces of my story


I discovered my passion for photography when I was still a child, and I got as a gift a Polaroid Supercolor 600, with which I started to move my first steps in this fantastic world. The magic I felt when I could see right away the pictures just taken was enthusiasting. Then, until I turned 25, I couldn’t really pursue and develop this amazing art, maybe because when you are yoo young it’s quite hard to properly see what path you will be following to realize your dreams, but mostly because such a passion gets expensive, and up until then I couldn’t really afford it.

After that, I have been able to fulfill many of my ambitions, both personal and professional. In 2010, a very rewarding year, I got the 1st place at the competion A Loving Gesture created by Italian NGO LISM to promote awareness of multiple sclerosis, and then I got myself an exhibition at the 2010 Photoshow in Rome.

During this very same year, I published my own photo book, Wandering For Malaysia & Singapore, a collection of shoots made during a trip I made to research into the culture and landscapes of such beautiful places inhabited by wonderful lovely people. In 2011, after a trip I took in the mystical places of India, I got selected thanks to the collection Varanasi – One Day On The Ganges, to be a finalist at the prestigious The Travel Photographer Of The Year Award 2011 in the New Talent category. Still in 2011 I got awarded in the Silhouette category at the Black & White Spider Awards, a black and white international photography contest.

In 2012 I made a repartage to witness the intertwining connection between people and places, and I got to the 2nd palce at the contest Cultures and Identities in the town of Treviglio, and I was proud to be prized in front of an expert jury.

In 2013 our daughter Gaia was born, the greatest joy of my life and light of Anna’s eyes, my partner for about 11 years. For this reason, and many others, our travels around the world have temporarily stopped, at least until Gaia will grow up. Therefore I decided to approach and research the Wedding Photography.

Wedding Photography is not, I think, a simpler version of the art of photography, all the opposite. I find it incredibly satisfying in the way it allows me to capture people from anywhere and in all kinds of situations, something I always loved to do because it’s a way to create an everlasting memory of a moment. This is my vocation, the reason I decided to become a professional photographer. Wedding Photography is therefore my occasion to witness people on the best day of their lives, and to capture feelings and stories that are unique and priceless.

The passion for photography is like a fire burning inside me, I always feel the need to find new incentives to amaze myself and others. I have to breathe and live photography every moment of the day, and I won’t stop no matter what.

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Riccardo Cornaglia